Branding / Website
Lucidia is building a decentralised digital society inhabited by interactive and intelligent meta characters. They aim to offer an immersive metaverse experience with Blockchain where players can upload digital mind files into their character NFTs, which they grow, train and evolve. They came to us to create their brand identity, logo and pitch deck.
The brand works within a very competitive industry, with very similar types of products. Our challenge was to make the Makeme brand stand out within this context. We did this by creating a unique experience through the branding and design of the website, that differentiated the Makeme brand from its competitors.
We created eye-catching and attention grabbing visuals and animations, including patterns, and bright color schemes. To boost our differentiation, we re-designed the system to increase user-friendliness and allow for users to understand and navigate the webpage more easily. This re-design resulted in a boost in sales, allowing for a new user to understand how this system works more seamlessly than ever before.