Concept / Strategy / UX/UI
JAS is a lingerie brand that we’ve been partnering with since 2018. Together, we have joined forces to create Israel’s first online presence and platform for women seeking to purchase undergarments from home.
Through our research, we discovered that women hate buying lingerie.The purchase process is not user-friendly. Women don’t know their bra size, they don’t feel comfortable in the store, and they are afraid of purchasing online without first trying the lingerie on. We needed to find a way to inspire women to purchase their lingerie online and to overcome the existing obstacles they face in their lingerie purchasing process.
We changed the way women purchase lingerie in Israel. We flipped the purchasing process on it’s head and created a user-friendly, personalized and enjoyable experience for women, where they can buy their lingerie directly from home. By creating an easy-to-use app, our solution allows women to pick the products they like, and try them on right in their home, commitment-free.