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Client Feedback

“The Studio brings out the best qualities I've seen in the market, such as creativity, and the ability to manage and push forward complex projects from initial conception to timely landing. Over the years, and on numerous occasions, the studio has added value and contributed greatly to the brand's marketing and branding efforts. The studio has built an excellent relationship with us based on a high level of professional integrity by always fulfilling all terms and agreements and sticking to a clear budget. I love working with people, and this is you.”

Marketing Communication Director

“CreativeNest Studio are the ultimate brief crackers! With great ideas, graphics that are spot on, innovativeness, creativity and above all a pleasant service - all these together make CreativeNest a winning team! Throughout the work process, I felt that they understood me, that they were with me, and that the success of the project was as important to them as it was to me. They see the big picture and are real partners. It is a studio that stands a level above the rest and I highly recommend them!”

Marketing & Events Director

“What sets the studio apart is the rare combination of innovation, creativity and professionalism wrapped up in human values. I love working with people, and you are people that are fun to work with, with a spark in the eyes and a big heart. That's who you are!”

The Friends of Padeh Poriya Medical Center Association

“Energetic, not afraid of anything, fostering innovation and redefining the word creativity every time. Uncompromising professionals, treating my projects as if they are the most important on earth, at times even more than I do. Amazing, simply fun and a great experience to work with you, life partners”

Founding Partner
Schear Immigration – Law firm