52 Minutes

Digital Event Design
In 2020, Curver launched its first 100% recyclable food keepers, under the SMART Eco-line. We led the branding of the digital event platform in which this product was first formally announced, alongside Curver’s broader sustainability initiative.
We took the SMART Eco-line language that we created and took it to the next level, in creation of all materials for this digital event. We integrated the brand’s larger purpose into all elements of this event, when building the creative concept and design.
We designed and created a broadcast package that included an opening animation, bumpers, transition animations, and more. These were used alongside the materials that we created for the physical event. Additionally, we created marketing materials/graphic assets package to be used for continued marketing of the SMART Eco-line brand. These materials included banners, social media campaigns, point of sale assets, and more.